BeatEdit Plugin for After Effects

BeatEdit Plugin for After Effects

With the beats generated by the BeatEdit plugin for After Effects, you can create movement in videos, generate marker cues, or adjust keyframes and layers based on them.

This plugin provides you with an accurate beat detection result.

You can even recognize beat patterns so that animations change according to each beat pattern.

You can also create animations where the lyrics of the song are displayed and animated in sync with each sound.

You can specify which beat the animation should respond to or set a random beat from the desired music.

Additionally, the BeatEdit plugin can react to unique sections of the music's rhythm, adding more variety to the animation.

You can customize the project based on your content in a short amount of time, edit text, and render it.

This plugin can be run on After Effects version CC 2015.3 or higher.

A PDF file in English for installation guidance and an instructional video in English for using the plugin are included in the package.

  • File Size: 15.08 MB
  • File Format: The BeatEdit plugin for After Effects allows you to synchronize animations with music beats, providing precise and varied results.